When looking to set up base in northern China, Tianjin is an ideal destination. As one of the five national central cities, Tianjin boasts advanced industry, unique developments and financial reform.

Tianjin is made up of two parts, namely the old city and the Binhai New Area. The business opportunities in the area have already attracted a number of Fortune 500 companies, with many having set up offices or headquarters in the area.

Serviced Offices in Tianjin


Ensure that your business enjoys maximum convenience and exposure in the bustling TEDA CBD with The Executive Centre at TEDA MSD C1 Tower. This complex allows easy access to Citizen Plaza and the Binhai Finance Zone, with the Citizen Plaza Light Railway Station catering for travel requirements.

The Exchange Tower 2

Make your mark in China by securing office space in the heart of the bustling CBD in Tianjin, by choosing The Executive Centre at Exchange Tower 2. The convenient location on Nanjing Road ensures that your business is strategically placed in the commercial and trading hub of the area.

World Financial Center

Allow The Executive Centre to find the perfect place for your business in China. If you are looking for a venue that is convenient, prestigious and offers some of the best facilities available, then the World Financial Center definitely ticks all of those boxes.